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January 21, 2021
Climate Justice


Eleven filmmakers joining forces to raise awareness on Environment and Climate Change.

INTERDEPENDENCE is a unique film composed by eleven short-movies. Produced in 2019, the film explores in a sensible and creative way the position of humankind and nature. The key stories illustrated by the eleven internationally recognized filmmakers reflect the intertwined relations between human society and natural environment that are aggravated by climate change on multiple dimensions and scales, hinting at possible solutions.

Contact us at info@voiceoverfoundation.org if you want to have access to the full version. 

INTERDEPENDENCE,  by Fauzi Bensaidi, Mamhat-Saleh Haroun, Ása Hjorleifsdottir, Salome Lamas, Bettina Oberli, Nila Madhab Panda, Shahrbanoo Sadat, Silvio Soldini, Daniela Thomas, Leon Wang, Karin Williams (2019)

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