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pleazer mob
February 02, 2023

We are not just a brand but a collective with a vision of society

The voice of Buba Samasa, interviewed by Sara Manisera, FADA Collective

Blackn[è]ss fest is the first festival that proposes a reworking of the Afro-descendant universe in Italy. Events and round tables to reflect on the concept of blackness, following a path of decolonisation of language and to discuss topics such as the effects on mental health of racial profiling, discrimination, racism but also music, cinema, media and representation. 

Voice Over Foundation has chosen to accompany the festival along this path and to narrate it throughout the year, through the voices of those who are its protagonists.

Interview with Buba Samasa, co-founder of Pleazer Mob, a sustainable brand that focuses on inclusion and free expression. 

Q: Can you introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do?

A: I am Buba Samasa, I am 29 years old, I live in Milan but I grew up in the province of Como. I studied electrical engineering, then I started as a courier and in 2018 I launched Pleazer Mob. It all started as an idea because none of us come from the fashion or design world but I have always been used to creating and I liked the idea of being able to combine clothing and photography. 

Q: Can you explain what Pleazer Mob is? 

A: It is not just a fashion brand, but above all it is a collective, a project that has expanded, that organises events and that tries to be a benefit company with a tangible footprint in society. Looking at our past, we realised that there was a lack of people with different backgrounds in the province. What we would like to do is to become a reference point for the younger generation and help other smaller companies to emerge. 

Q: What does Pleazer Mob mean and how many of you are there? 

A: We are a collective of seven people with different backgrounds although no one has specific skills. I was in charge of graphics and product research, Kadhim of PR and contacts, others of administration. Pleazer Mob comes from 'pleasure' and 'member of blood', i.e. member of a family. For us the meaning is that all victories and successes are for the collective. The idea is to become a reference point online and on the ground, to build a clothing brand with inclusive and sustainable values. In Italy, we are a little behind compared to other countries in Europe. 

Q: How was your participation in the Blackn[è]ss fest? 

A: We approached the first edition with our stand because we have the same vision. It is a very important festival in Italy for the representation of the Afro-descendant universe and beyond that is often distorted. It would be nice to be able to take the festival outside Milan, to other more peripheral and provincial areas. In general, it is a festival that allows you to create connections, to reflect, meet and talk about certain issues all together. 

Q: Plans for the future? 

A: We would like to launch a new collection and organise different events with music, performances, dialogue... not just the classic evening but also something educational. And then I would like to be able to live and work only for Pleazer Mob.

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