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July 06, 2022

Blackn[è]ss Fest - Video 2021 edition

Is the first festival in Italy which presents a re-elaborated version of the African lineage universe.

Blackn[è]ss fest wants to simultaneously celebrate Blackness and expose how Black and POC people are subjected to systemic discrimination and violence. In Italy, Black lives are perpetually framed by a Eurocentric gaze. Such a gaze contributes to the erasure of the complexities and nuances that form the Black and POC communities.

This festival is conceived to share Black people's stories, journeys, and experiences from their lens, and it has to be conceived as a way to deconstruct the dominant narratives, but also construct new ones driven by a deep sense of self-determination.

The program seeks to leave a lasting imprint by opening up the discussion with multiple guests and moderators and engage with the public. The festival will offer them space to deliver their thoughts and critical views on the oppressive nature of Italian contemporary society.

The second edition will be held in Milano on 23rd/25th September 2022. 

If you need more info or if you'd like to assist to the festival, contact us at info@voiceoverfoundation.org. 

If you want to support Blackness Fest, you can donate by Paypal or Stripe or Bank Transfer indicating Blackness fest in the description. Thank you!!

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